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Alkaline foods in the morning

October 5, 2009

Opening your morning with a nutritious breakfast meal is a good way to provide your body the energy it needs for the coming day. The alkaline diet suggests eating more alkaline foods to provide improved pH balance throughout the day. These are not free fast weight lose tips, instead they are just suggestions on how to eat a healthier breakfast.

Some easy suggestions of healthy alkaline diet breakfasts include grated carrots or freshly squeezed orange juice. But what is it that makes these vegetable and fruits alkaline? Basically it is by virtue of being fruit and veg. Online there are a variety of alkaline acid diet food charts explaining what food is acidic forming and which ones are alkaline forming. The information on these charts is often different which makes it difficult to know for sure what to eat. One can get an idea of whether the food we want to eat will help us to improve the pH balance of our body. Food lists are one way to help us decide what kind of alkaline acid diet breakfast food we should eat.

Two brief examples of healthy alkaline breakfasts include banana smoothies or a freshly squeezed vegetable juice. Fruit and vegetables are the main alkalizing foods. On the web there is a variety of alkaline food information charts detailing which foods are acidic and which foods leave an alkali ash. The information is often different depending on what chart you look at. This makes it a little unclear which are the best foods to eat. It is possible to get a good indication if the food we want to eat will help to improve the pH balance of our body. Dietary food charts are one way to help you choose what alkaline diet breakfast foods you want to eat.

Some breakfast cereals are very healthy. These are often full of dried fruits which can be highly alkalizing. A healthy option is drinking a fruit and vegetable juice along with cereal containing fruit will provide the best pH balancing effect. Adding your own fruit to cereal, for example berries are suggestions to enlarge fruit consumption in the morning.

Other ideas include fruit and vegetable drinks, scrambled eggs, with some vegetables, Japanese natto and grapefruit. Personally I often make a homemade fruit or vegetable juice and scramble some eggs. After drinking a pint or so of juice containing all kinds of minerals I feel totally hydrated and ready for action.

An alkaline acid diet breakfast menu is basically what we would all consider healthy eating. Eating alkaline food is a great option at breakfast time to start the day on the right footing.


green alkaline

June 11, 2009

An important part of the alkaline acid diet are green alkaline foods and green alkaline drinks. Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale are packed full of nutrition and have a highly alkalizing effect on your body. If you are trying to eat a high alkaline foods diet, green leafy vegetables are a must. Since childhood we have been told to eat our greens. Whether our mothers knew of the alkaline acid diet is doubtful but they certainly knew the importance of green alkaline vegetables for our health.

Following an alkaline diet means eating adequate quantities of fruit and vegeatables every day. Alkaline foods can help prevent disease. Chronic aliments like cancer, osteoporosis, coronary diseases, dental issues, migraine headaches, even depression and other common illnesses may be the result of acidic foods in the typical Western diet. A reduced acid diet is something that can help with general well being. Eating an alkaline diet is really just about healthy eating. Unlike many crash diet programs which advocate severely reducing calorie intake or using diet pills, the alkaline diet promotes awareness of eating healthy foods, alkaline foods, that can sustain the nutritional needs of our body. Green alkaline juices are one such food. Wheatgrass juice is an excellent alkaline food source. Becoming healthier, eating a high alkaline foods diet should be accompanied by an exercise routine that suitable to your current body condition while moving away from unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking, if indeed you currently do either of those.

What are green alkaline foods?

There are many examples of alkaline green drinks that you could drink to promote health. If you are not used to green alkaline vegetable drinks you may have to get used to the acquired taste! Making fresh green alkaline vegetable drinks or using an alkaline green powder are two methods to alkalize the body by consuming a high alkaline foods diet. Alkaline green capsules are also sold if perhaps the taste of the green alkiline drinks is not to your liking.

We all know that eating high alkaline foods such as green leafy vegetables is good for our health. Making fresh green alkaline juice is my preferred method to alkalize my body. There are a variety of alkaline green products that may be suitable for you.

alkaline acid diet and coffee

May 8, 2009

It is interesting to note that on various alkaine acid diet food charts found on the internet, coffee has a variety of classifications. These range from highly acidic to mildly alkaline. This raises may questions. Which chart or charts are to be believed? According to the alkaline acid diet, should we drink or avoid coffee? Besides pH, what other effects does coffee have on our bodies both positive and negative?

Despite the conflicting information regarding the pH of its ash there are many studies that have been made into the health effects of drinking coffee. One such study suggests that it may have beneficial effects as far as preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. The study referenced below examined 15 studies into the relationship between coffee drinking and type 2 diabetes. These studies say nothing that relates directly to the alkaline acid diet.

The researchers concluded that it appears that coffee may play a part in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes in regular drinkers.

Even though coffee is often viewed in a negative light as far as health is concerened. Its relationship with the alkaline acid diet is no different. But is it really bad? And is it really an acid food?

The study makes no mention of this but does indicate that coffee consumption may actually be a good thing.

For followers of the alkaline acid diet it is worth carefully considering the benefits of drinking coffee before you decide not to drink it because of its alleged acid food status.

 References: Rob M. van Dam, PhD; Frank B. Hu, MD, PhD Coffee Consumption and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes The Journal of the American Medical Association

alkaline acid diet

April 24, 2009

The alkaline acid diet may look like a fad diet when you look at some its proponents. The Wikipedia article mentions two of the alkaline diet’s advocates, Edgar Cayce and Robert Young. The first a “psychic” and the second pleaded guilty to a “misdemeanor charge of attempting to practice medicine without a license”.

While one may look on this kind of diet unfavorably, if you spend a bit of time looking at what kind of diet the alkaline diet actually is you might begin to view it as more than simply a fad. It will not help with all dietary concerns, e.g. vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms but eating more healthy foods as this diet suggests does help improve our overall health.

The alkaline diet proposes the use of food charts on which foods are labeled alkali or acidic. The suggested ratio of alkali to acid foods is 80:20. Comparing this ratio to a typical Western diet would show that our diets are much more acidic than they should be according to the alkaline acid diet doctrine.

alkaline vegetables

Changing from an acid diet to one where you eat more alkaline foods can be beneficial for your health. Feeling more energetic and alert are typical benefits that you will notice very quickly.

Alkaline foods are things that you would normally just think of as healthy food. That’s why the alkaline acid diet is more than just a fad. Who would argue that eating more vegetables is a bad thing?

That’s basically what the alkaline acid diet is all about, eating more fruit and vegetables and cutting down on acidic foods, e.g. processed foods, fatty foods, sugar and salt.

There are numerous acid/alkaline food charts available on the internet that you might find it interesting to look at. While this kind of diet may not be the fastest way to loose weight it is certainly a healthy option. The aim of the diet is not specifically weight loss, it is much more concerned with overall bodily health. Another option for health and weight is to lose weight with acai.

If you want to increase your energy levels throughout the day, you could do worse than consider the alkaline acid diet.